An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.


Bring out the croissants

Music video

Created with John Callaghan

Music by Barry Fitzgerald & Ian Cudmore

Presented at the 14th Annual Parkdale Film + Video Showcase, Toronto 

Kaleidoscopic Landscapes

Video projection loop created for FAT Toronto Arts and Fashion Week 2012

Video made by filming through kaleidoscopic prism



Entry for Jameson Dublin International Film Festival trailer competition, inspired by film noir

Created with Barry Fitzgerald

41 Mattison Road N4 1BG

Little experiment in stop-motion


Set design collaboration for music video

Music by Evah Uryga / Directed by Krzysztof Komander


Scenography from Legendy used in music video

Music by Milky Wishlake / Directed by Sonia Egner