An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.


Design for contemporary dance, physical & site-specific promenade theatre

Everybody Dies In December

Set and lighting design for play set in embalming room

Legendy (Legends)

Scenography and video projection mapping for dance theatre performance for children based on anthology ‘‘New Urban Legends. Silesia.’’



Speak, Love

Set design for Sasha Ivanochko's contemporary dance performance duet as visual and psychological examination of human solitude

Double Bill #2

Set design assistant for contemporary dance performance by Dancemakers

4:48 Psychosis

Set design for physical theatre production of Sarah Kane's last play


Set design for fringe theatre play

Space Is Not Empty

Multimedia dance theatre performance exploring movement in Islamic calligraphy

El Torre del Babel (The Tower of Babel)

Physical theatre performance exploring the limitations of language and breakdown in communication 

Citric City

Site-specific promenade theatre performance installation exploring the forgotten past of the city of Bilbao

Video performance

Combination of live performance with pre-recorded video, inspired by the films of David Lynch


Choreography as scenography, experimenting with transient structures in space