An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.
The neutral, numb state is represented in the design by humming, vertical strip lights, which flash on in staccato waves to provide “an instant of clarity before eternal light”.
— Time Out London (5 stars *****)

4:48 Psychosis


Inside an eternal waiting room, or cage of light, the audience is confronted with a fragmentation of the self. Choreographed physical theatre movement and a fluctuating chorus of voices create varying intensities, while boundaries between body, mind and space are fluid. Sarah Kane’s last play explores suicide through the journey of mind and body from darkness into light, pain into love, life into death.

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Old Red Lion Theatre, London, UK (February 2006)

Arcola Theatre, London, UK (May 2006)

Written by Sarah Kane

Directed by Daniel Goldman

Produced by Tangram Theatre

The dramatic poetry of the play was enhanced by the thoughtful production. The white walls were eerie and surgical, the bright lights disturbing. 4.48 Psychosis is a look into the fear and loneliness of one person’s depression but also provides an enlightening and thought provoking evening.
— Camden New Journal
. . . an experience that is undoubtedly impressive and touches the soul with an almost unbearable bright, white light, shining out beams of theatrical bliss and pain. . . Not for one minute are we left to sit back and gaze at their emblazoned youth or vulnerable sensuality: in the tight, womb-like space and through their darting, pensive glances, the intimacy is engulfing and arresting. So much so that my companion, an avid creature of the theatre and extremely sensitive soul, had to tear himself across Margaret Krawecka’s almost sarcastically neutral white set, and out of the cruel space of play into the pub below.
— Rogues and Vagabonds Theatre Review