An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.

Speak, Love


Set design for a contemporary dance duet that is a visual and psychological examination of human solitude. The piece addresses themes of communication, desire, violence and the sacred in the context of a lovers' conversation framed in the disparate literary worlds of Rumi, a 13th century Persian mystic poet, and Roland Barthes, a 20th century French literary theorist

Rachel Browne Theatre, Winnipeg (April 2013)

OFFTA Festival, Montreal (May 2013)

Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto (November 2013)

Performed by Brendan Wyatt and Sasha Ivanochko

Choreographed by Sasha Ivanochko / blackandblue dance projects

Photos: Leif Normand

Graveyard of broken relationships