An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.

Legendy (Legends)


Scenography and video projection mapping for dance theatre performance based on the book, ‘‘New Urban Legends. Silesia.’’ by third grade students from the Upper Silesia region of Poland.

This anthology of new urban legends was written by a generation of children born during the collapse of the mining industry in Upper Silesia. Their stories are governed by an element of fear and often reflect the presence of social problems caused by unemployment, through recurring themes such as alcoholism, murder, or suicide. But they also mention supernatural powers such as ghosts in haunted schools, magic talismans or mythological figures (spirits of haunted mines) and it is often the tales of magic and escapism that offer new hope of regeneration and change.

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Location: Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre, Bytom, Poland

Performed by Ilona Gumowska / Agnieszka Doberska, Tomasz Foltyn, Aniela Kokosza, Biały, Barbara Bujakowska, Sonia Egner

Choreography by Kaya Kołodziejczyk

Dramaturgy by Rafał Urbacki

Music by BiFF (Brachaczek & Hoffman)

Costumes by Paulina Plizga

Lighting design by Paweł Murlik

Visuals by Aleksander Joachimiak & Margaret Krawecka

Photos: Aleksander Joachimiak & Marzena Bugała-Azarko (Dziennik Zachodni)


Short trailer