An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.


November 2001

A conceptual, experimental interactive installation whose objective was to physically demonstrate that individuals affect their surroundings as much as they are affected by them, and that the relationship is a symbiotic one.

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The digital revolution has engendered a situation in which the topography of daily activity now includes both physical and electronic territories. The individual who engages this new reality has become the purveyor of a culture founded in the immaterial and changeable. Indeed, what sets our time apart from those that preceded it, is the dependency of the definition of our environments upon the individual. In keeping with the conviction that architecture is a physical representation of our culture, this conceptual experiment strove to create an environment that embraces, as an inextricable element, the individual who encounters it.

Location: Gallery Este, Toronto

Part of group exhibition curated by Milena Placentile

Collaborators: Sarah Ferguson, Klaudia Biala

Materials: roll of blueprint paper, studio lights