An immersive sensory narrative spatially woven of architecture, performance and installation.


I am a visual artist who enjoys working in a variety of media and styles. I have many years of experience in drawing, painting, graphic design and photography, and am always looking for interesting projects to work on.

Vector Graphics

Drawings - Paintings - Mixed Media

Posters - Flyers

Pattern Design

Laser-cut pattern studies inspired by the biological process of mitosis (cell division).

Custom-designed architectural wall panel installation inspired by vein pattern. Made out of CNC'd plywood.

Figure-ground cut outs in architectural wall panel installation for children's play area. Made out of CNC'd plywood and recycled materials.

Custom design for door infill screen based on an Islamic pattern. Made using machine-cut wood.

Macro Photography

I have a passion for capturing abstract textures and patterns in nature, found at different scales.